We've helped all types of companies — from exciting startups to Fortune Global 500s — launch successful projects
What we do
Our developers and scientists work as an extension of your existing team, or as an independent production unit, to support your organization's technological development. Our primary areas of focus are:
Advanced Analytics
  • Data pipelines and aggregation
  • Model development
  • Analytics through AI/ML
  • Coaching and capability development
Internet of Things
  • Sensor prototypes
  • Data collection and infrastructure
  • Lifecycle management
  • System architecture
  • System integration
3d programming
  • Digital twins/shadows
  • Interactive 3d models
  • 3d models in browser contexts
  • Automated model conversion and augmentation
Our collaboration often starts with a prototype or a single project. Then it evolves.
ABB — We helped one of the biggest energy companies in Sweden implement smart heating
Stockholm Exergi — How we helped one of the biggest companies in the world transform how they work with 3d models
Autodesk — We went to Barcelona to work with Autodesks developers on some projects

When we partner up with a client to start a project, we regard it in almost every way as a startup. This perspective infuses the entire operation — from prioritization to overall process. One of the first things you'll notice is that we always have the first prototype up and running within two weeks.

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Trell is exceptionally talented at solving complex problems. Their ability to find clever solutions that are economically effective and sustainable for the long term is the best I have seen. We have been extremely satisfied with the work.

Eliot Freed
Senior Tactical Marketing Manager
Ericsson AB
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