During a one-day workshop, we guide you through emerging technologies — what they mean and how other companies in your industry are using them.


Over three days, we analyse your business or project. We will identify real problems and potential opportunities. By the end of the three days, we will create an action plan for you with a focus on emerging technologies.


Trell developers and engineers work together with our clients to come up with prototypes designed to test assumptions, fill knowledge gaps, inspire teams, and demonstrate value.


Successful projects are realised by teams that fully understand the problem being solved. Trell researches every aspect of your project – from user testing to data analysis and performance testing.


Trell helps all types of companies — from exciting startups through to Global Fortune 500 companies — launch successful projects. We work both independently and together with existing teams.

Trell was an invaluable partner in getting our project off the ground and quickly getting us to a user-ready product. Leading the development, they worked closely with our team, helping us make better decisions and sharing knowledge.

Jeton Aliu
Technology Manager
Two ways to work with us
Our collaboration often starts with a well-defined project, prototype, or workshop. Then evolves, with most of our clients taking advantage of our monthly subscription model. Regardless, we can structure our partnership in a way that best suits your needs.

Plug us in as your external R&D team. We work together as partners to continuously realize all of your goals.

This is how we typically work and is great for clients that have many different goals to accomplish.


We take your fixed-scope project, apply a startup mentality, and work towards a single goal.

This approach is best if you need a single prototype, project, or workshop quickly.

Trell clients do exciting new things
Let's Start a Project Together
Let us know what you want to accomplish, and we will get back to you to schedule an open-ended meeting.

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